Steve and Debs

AKA – “The Travelling Sea Otters”

Why are we the travelling sea otters?

One of the quirkiest, and cutest things about the sea otters is that sea otters hold hands while they eat, sleep and rest, to prevent them losing each other.

When your life takes a left turn that puts you both in different places on the planet and you can no longer hold hands with your soul mate, life starts to begin to miss something.

Life is yours to manage, enjoy and make it happen.

There are three kinds of people

  • Those that make things happen.
  • Those that watch things happen.
  • Those who don’t know what’s happening.

You would never guess but we are all about making it happen!

We have taken the opportunity to give up our jobs and go off in the sunset, hand in hand to have a lifetime full of adventures before it’s just too late!

Why not follow us and enjoy the ride 🙂

 Steve and Debs
All photographs on this site have been taken by Debs and Steve.

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